Solution Focused Communication

Fletcher Peacock

by Fletcher Peacock
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“[…] On behalf of my self and our staff of 35 Real Estate Agents, allow me to express our complete satisfaction with your wonderful day of Solution Focused Communication Training.

[…] A better understanding of communication mechanisms and the different types of personalities have made our agents more efficient and raised their satisfaction level as to their relationships with both clients and co-workers. While it has been several months, the enduring nature of its positive effects is unmistakeably clear to us. As a result, I recommend this training to everyone. […] ”

Luc Mailloux, Sales Director
Royal Lepage/lnter-Québec

by Fletcher Peacock
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” […] We had a two-day session which allowed all members of our work team to become aware of a very simple fact : one person’s Truth is different from another person’s Truth. The work accomplished during training had a direct impact on our daily lives, both personal and professional.”

We learned how to better understand people’s attitudes from their point of view.” “[…] Thank you for your energy, Fletcher Peacock. Thank you for accompanying us on our journey to understanding the concept of Many Thruths.”

Ginette Milord, Director, Transportation,
Interim Director, Maintenance
Quebec City Transportation Commission.

by Fletcher Peacock
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“[…] In addition to crystallizing fundamental laws of dynamic communication, the humour you used allowed us to grasp principles that are ‘simple yet not obvious’.

Your tactful manner of reiterating the information without provoking resistance will, I am sure, help to extend the effectiveness of your message.” “[…] Moreover, the humility, simplicity and energy with which you presented your examples had the desired effect of ‘dolphinizing’ our relationships.”

Louise Pelletier, Regional Director,
Mauricie and Production
Des Cascades Trois-Rivières,
Hydro Quebec

by Fletcher Peacock
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“[…] We wish to express our appreciation for the content of your conference entitled ” Solution Focused Communication”. Results of the day’s evaluation indicated a high level of satisfaction among most participants. Your enthusiasm and sense of humour have undoubtedly contributed to their interest in the subject.

ln order to benefit from your teaching, we will endeavour to adapt your philosophy of “Solution Focused Communication” to our coaching program, which involves all levels of Management, […]”

Brigitte Ross, Team Leader, Planning,
Control and Services, Hydro Quebec
North-East Distribution, Hydro Quebec

by Fletcher Peacock
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“… I used his services in 1996-1998 and 1999 in various contexts inside ABB. He recently was involved with my team. We now use the techniques of solution focused communication and the enneagram in numerous support interventions in internal divisions and also with external clients. He particularly helped us to increase team spirit and to improve our speed in building lasting relationships with external clients. Therefore, I recommend him strongly for his assistance in bringing depth to human interactions in such a fast-paced world.

I wish to add that his interventions are always done with humour, the kind that makes time appear to fly.”

Andre Girard, Vice-president,
Quality Deployment, ABB

by Fletcher Peacock
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“… On behalf of the members of my team and on my own behalf, I am pleased to express our entire satisfaction with regard to the content of your seminar entitled ” Water the flowers… not the weeds “.

Moreover, a survey of our team clearly showed that your training fully met the expectations of a very large majority of our associates. In addition, your energy, enthusiasm, and humour allowed us to derive even more benefit from your approach entitled ” Solution Focused Communication “.

In conclusion, I therefore recommend without reservation that other companies take advantage of your knowledge of communication, conflict resolution and ideal work relationships. As for ourselves, we succeeded in adapting your philosophy to our daily relationships with colleagues and clients.”

Patrice Legault
Director, Services to associates and Treasurer

by Fletcher Peacock
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“… What I learned has proven to be useful in a number of circumstances, both from a professional point of view and in my relationships with my colleagues, my family, or my friends.

I have been working for Alcan for over 33 years and have taken a multitude of courses. For the most part, they were interesting and useful; however, none of them produced as many lasting effects or positive consequences as has SFC.”

Réjean Lafrance
Chief of Saguenay Planning Group
Electrical Energy, Jonquière, ALCAN

by Fletcher Peacock
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“… The Solution Focused Communication training permitted the Beauharnois team to see our reality from a new angle and to appreciate the pleasure of seeing our world as being full of stimulating opportunities rather than being weighed down by the usual heavy problems.

The enneagram exercise has, as well, permitted all of us to know both ourselves and our colleagues better. It is another useful tool for continued improvement of our teamwork.

In brief, in this world full of new challenges, the training in Solution Focused Communication has permitted us to continue to go forward another step ! In the name of the team at Beauharnois, Thanks! “

Jacynthe Côté
Factory Director, ALCAN

by Fletcher Peacock
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“… I appreciate very much the Solution Focused Communication Course. This training has succeeded in giving a common language to the teams enabling them to see the positive aspect of events and thus encouraged employees to constantly strive to do better.

Furthermore, the course is certainly an essential tool when instituting autonomous teams or when investing teams with responsibility.

It is without hesitation that I recommend this course ! “

Luc Boivin, Superintendent
Smelting Center-Shawinigan

by Fletcher Peacock
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“… During the summer of 1995, all of the key administrative personnel at the Laterriere factory attended training sessions in ” Solution Focused Communication “.

This training developed several concepts in the domain of interpersonal relations which will surely contribute to the development of teamwork, both in the factory and in their private lives. The training course encouraged a better understanding of individuals’ attitudes and opened the way to finding solutions in the face of resistance to change. Furthermore, the contents of the sessions were enriched by the presentation techniques used.

This training session is to be recommended to those who wish to experience growth in their understanding in these areas.”

The Management Committee
of the Laterrière Factory, ALCAN