Solution Focused Communication

Fletcher Peacock

Conferences And Seminars

Renowned for the dynamism, simplicity and effectiveness of the SFC approach, Fletcher Peacock has given numerous conferences and seminars for the public, para-public and private sector in Canada, the U.S., and even Russia. His audiences include company directors, managers, employees and work teams.

An excellent communicator and facilitator, Fletcher Peacock shares his discoveries in an intelligent and easy manner. He has a knack for creating a dynamic and enjoyable learning climate.

Operating in an atmosphere respectful of an organization’s or business’s working environment, Fletcher Peacock’s sense of humor, intelligence and enthusiasm propel his audiences to a level where everything is possible.

Fletcher Peacock’s clients often invite him to return, either to discuss the results they’ve attained after using his methods or to allow other colleagues to benefit from his seminars or conferences.

  • ALCAN : 20 seminars at 6 plants in Canada and 2 at their U.S. plant in Kentucky
  • HYDRO-QUEBEC : 6 seminars in Quebec
  • INDUSTRY CANADA : 2 seminars in New Brunswick
  • HOECHST MARION ROUSSEL CANADA INC. : conference, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • ABB : 2 seminars, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • CLSC : 100 seminars in 80 CLSCs
  • HOSPITALS : 45 training sessions in 35 Quebec hospitals
  • CSST : 6 training sessions in 6 Quebec regions
  • SCHOOL BOARDS : 120 seminars in 30 school boards
  • MANPOWER QUEBEC : 6 seminars
  • CORRECTION SERVICES: 6 seminars, in Quebec City, Quebec
  • THE OMEGA INSTITUTE : Seminar in New York, U.S.A.
  • HDC : seminar in Wisconsin, U.S.A.
  • KEN KEYES COLLEGE : Seminar in Oregon, U.S.A