Solution Focused Communication

Fletcher Peacock

Michel Lemay, Director General, CHSLD, Lachine

[…] Last April, some forty of the managers working out of the Vieux Lachine CLSC and the CHSLDs of Lachine, Nazaire-Pich and Foyer Dorval had the privilege of participating in a two-day workshop with your company.

During this workshop, we were called to question a number of our management paradigms. The diverse teaching methods (especially, the practical exercises) allowed us to better understand and to begin to integrate the concepts presented; I wish to emphasize that the content of this workshop shook our complacency by questioning our ways of doing things and, above all, it inspired us to take a fresh look as it invited us to question our management habits.

┬áIt constituted an invaluable gift, the benefits of which will be with us for a long time to come within our organization because of their simplicity and effectiveness[…]

Michel Lemay,
Director General,
CHSLD, Lachine

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